January 2019: Pilot project launched in Geneva city - Infomir.ch

by Robert Fontaine
1 year ago

What public lighting for the city of today and tomorrow?

Geneva City, GenevaUniversity and Infomir SA have joined forces to better understand the current and future challenges of “smart” street lighting.

For this purpose, a pilot project accompanied by a study is conducted on the basis of two “test” sites equipped with smart LED luminaires, with the possibility of intelligent management (remote control, lowering, detection, etc.) of the lighting.

The two test sites, an alley in the parc des Franchises and part of rue Voltaire, have very different situations, uses and issues, which is why they were selected.

Workshops will be held to understand the issues, moods and feelings.

28 January 2019 article on 20 Minutes on lowering the public lighting space: https://www.20min.ch/ro/news/geneve/story/Baisser-l-eclairage-public–l-idee-a-le-vent-en-poupe-12427870 

Rue Voltaire

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